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The 2-day transpo strike


There was once a national 2-days transpo strike and out of the blue, BG picked up Sam, Cham and Rachel, Jenine and then me... We thought we're just going to a beach within the vicinity but to our surprise, BG asked if we wanted to go to Dumaguete! We haven't been there and thinking that it was just a bluff, we said yes. He then said that we need to ask permission from someone who'll definitely look for us.. Which means, he's so serious about it.. Several packs of beers in the cooler at the back of the car, some junk foods and we're good to go... We were quite hesitating to go that far, knowing we only have a shirt, undergarments, towel and pants in our backpacks... But BG a.k.a Brian can no longer be stop. We left Bacolod at 9am, with several stop overs in nearby towns and municipalities. While on the road, they were smoking weed and drinking beer to my surprise! We reached Dumaguete City at 6PM (thank God we havent met an accident), we stopped at a convenient store for soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes and toothpaste then we checked in at Seawall Hotel. While unpacking our bags, Brian claimed he was hungry and off we go to look for a decent restaurant to fill our rumbling stomachs.
After a heavy supper, we pass by the boulevard. People were sitting in monobloc chairs eating balut, then we stopped by the seawall... the waves were crashing and overlapping the seawall, like kids we ran towards the seawall and once we see the waves on its way to crush the wall we would run back to the car.. it was fun.. then we went back to our hotel room to finish all the beers we brought...
the following morning, we just had breakfast at the hotel and then were on our way back to our city. still with few stop overs this time, to pee or for lunch. To sum it up, it was a great fun! We had soo much fun! there's no greater fun if you're with these funny people! hehehehe.....
Looking forward for another roadtrip with these guys... i soooo miss them much!

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